It's Never Too Late

Zen Poems

stones thrown at the pond
to catch the moon in it
fish rise at them
-- oxtail 2011-09-18

clouds gather and scatter
hearing flowers scream
we are all in this together
-- oxtail 2011-05-14

Certain things are better understood with faith.
We probably have to trust strangers
if we wanna be happy to be on a highway.
But on my narrow garden path, each step is enjoyable,
no matter what they do on their highway to nowhere.
-- oxtail 2011-05-14

they walk and walk
for decades
to go where
they cannot go on foot
passing wild flowers
cool streams
even their aging parents
over and over
-- oxtail 2011-01-24

how long will you
rake pebbles into order
as if they are
waves of your thoughts
just quit it already
~oxtail 2010.10

endless night
too cold to sleep
big bright moon
~oxtail 2010.7

long forgotten friend
just heard, died young
on a glorious spring day
~oxtail 2010.7

Cleansing Power of Undeserved Suffering

Nothing is futile in the spiritual world. When confronted with undeserved suffering, we need to have courage to repent all our sins and be grateful that through the suffering not just all our sins but also even sins of others can be cleansed. This redemptive power of undeserved suffering is what makes the world full of evil at least bearable until the coming of the heavenly kingdom. This does not mean we have to suffer in silence.

Cf. "Categories of Suffering" by Dr. Robert D. Luginbill

There Are Certain Things You Just Don't Do

There are many things we just don't do even if we can easily do it. For popular pastors or high-ranking public officials, it's rather easy to amass personal wealth if they are not scrupulous. They might even be immune to criticism, at least for the time being. But if they actually belive in what they are doing for a living, they would know better.

Let's not underestimate the power of self-justification. It's not that easy for most people to realize that what they are doing is something that cannot be objectively justified, especially if they are simply following the customs, traditions, or even written rules. In my humble opinion, nothing human is justifiable without humility.

Some Good Will Come Out of This Evil

Some people would not understand how some good can come out of the evil. But it's rather simple. Most people are not evil, so when confronted by the evil, they try to do some good. What matters is how to do good in spite of the evil. We better not confront the evil directly. That will be playing the losing game fabricated by the evil. We are better off doing some good which is clearly good even if it appears to be almost irrelevant to the evil perpetrated.

Some good will come out of this evil
only if we don't tackle the evil directly
Revenge is for God and for God only
not for self-righteous sinners like us
Better just do some good
whose goodness nobody can doubt

InSooWon 2012 (copyleft) free to copy, share, modify, and distribute.

How to Deal with the Shameless without Integrity

It is very difficult to deal with the shameless without integrity, without losing our own integrity. We first try to teach them shame in vain. Then realize that they are not powerless. Actually in this world, they are often more powerful than the people of integrity.